Domestic Roof Repairs

There are a vast number of potential problems with domestic roofs, all of which we can help with. Below are some of the most common problems we come across:

  • Nail rot or nail fatigue – leads to slate and tiles slipping out of position and sometimes falling from the roof.
  • De-lamination (shaling) of tiles – the surface of the tile starts to wear away and the tile can break up.
  • Perished or missing roof felt – no felt on the underside of the roof between the tiles and the loft.
  • Perished ‘back-pointing’ on the underside of the roof – old mortar pointing perished and falling into the loft.
  • Leaks around chimneys or valleys – old or wrongly fitted lead-work starts to leak.

Roofing and Insulation Services

If you have ever had problems with your roof, finding parts of tiles on the front path, or waking up to leaks dripping through the bedroom ceiling, you will know what a headache they can be.

Thousands of people up and down the country every year have problems with their roof, some will ignore it until the problem gets too bad while others are pro-active and try to solve any problems before it seriously affects them.

Roof Protection

We offer homeowners up and down the country a complete package for their roofs, repair, protection and insulation all in one installation. Using the highest quality spray foam as well as our extensively trained and experienced installers, we can help.

Make your home more energy effecient!

Roof Coatings

Defend against the weather and protection against the growth of algae, lichens and moss. Increased insulation and reduce your energy bills. Extends the life of your existing roof and creates better ‘kerb appeal' and therefore adds value to your property!

Komfyroof – our ethos
Komfyroof is a well established, family business, professional roof repairers and re-roofers and recently, due to our success, we have become a limited company.
We’re big enough to cope, yet small enough to care. We do not employ high-pressure sales people masquerading as surveyors.
We prefer to undertake surveys in a professional and consultative manner by our (PAYE) employed survey team. This allows us to take a look objectively at each individual case, without the pressure, and then be able to give an honest opinion as to how the Komfyroof system would be of benefit to the end user, if any.
Our Team
Our team pride themselves on offering the best service we can, that goes from the surveyors taking their shoes off at the door to making sure that you were happy with everything after your installation.
We believe in a down to earth honest approach to speaking to you on the telephone, and giving you the information you need to know, not what we want you to know.

We take great pride in the finished product.

Domestic Case Study

Spray foam roof insulation was used on this property to both stabilise and insulate the tiled roof. The loft was to be used as an extra room in the house but without a staircase, allowing the home-owners extra storage and usage space without the expense of a full loft conversion.

The Property

This property was a three bedroom semi-detached house with a clay ‘rosemary’ type tiled roof, the roof was in need of some repair work and also required insulation to allow the home-owners to use the loft in comfort. The roof was a two ‘hipped’ construction, meaning that the roof had three sides rather than a gable. As the property was around 70 years old, quite a number of the tiles were sufficiently weathered to require replacing, as well as the chimney lead-work needing attention.

The Problems

The owners of this property were looking to both repair and guarantee their roof, as well as insulate the roof to allow them to use the loft as extra space. As the roof was quite old it meant many of the tiles were showing signs of age and needed to be replaced. Also, the hip tiles were generally in a poor state of repair and many had started to break and slip. As with the tiles, the chimney lead-work was aged and starting to cause a few damp problems within the loft. Within the loft, the roof interior was covered in old mortar ‘torchings’ where the inside of the roof has been back pointed. This mortar was crumbling into the loft space, leaving a dusty mess all over the contents of the loft.

The Solutions

After conducting a thorough survey of the roof to determine the exact problems, we set about finding the best solution to all the issues raised. Firstly our trained technicians set about repairing the roof, this involved:

  • Replacing any cracked, broken or missing tiles
  • Re-positoning iany slipped tiles
  • Replacing any broken or missing hip tiles
  • Replacing and repairing the chimney lead-work
  • Re-pointing the hips and ridges
  • Patch pointing the chimney stack.

As well as fully renovating and repairing the roof, we also specified, supplied and installed two Velux roof windows to add daylight to the loft and make it a more usable space. Once this work was completed, we also removed any loose mortar from the underside of the roof and cleaned up the loft space as much as possible. Once the preparation work was completed, we then installed our sprayed foam insulation to the underside of the roof to provide the roof insulation required.

The Outcome

Throughout the course of the work, we had the customer specifications in mind. They wanted to make sure the roof was repaired and secured, allowing them the peace of mind that they would have no more problems or repair bills with the roof. The home-owners also wanted to have a comfortable, dry, warm and usable loft space to allow them extra space within the home. We completed all the repair work to the roof, supplied and installed the Velux windows and also insulated the roof, providing everything the home-owner was looking for. They no longer had the worries over the ageing roof or the dusty, draughty loft and had a warm comfortable loft space to use for anything they wished.


Here are some photographs that we've taken in recent months to illustrate our work. Please forgive the standard of these images – well, you can't be good at everything!


The Komfyroof Insurance backed Guarantee.

We provide two guarantees for your home. One is a 10 Year Works guarantee and the other is a lifetime product guarantee. This provides you with total protection for your roof.

If we spray to the felt it adds an additional membrane to seal your roof. The Komfyroof system also adds structural support to what is essentially a floating structure. If we spray to the tiles or slates the Komfyroof system bonds and locks all of the thousands of individual items into one stronger, solid structure.

We have chosen to partner with the best manufacturer of Spray Foam in the industry BASF. Unlike other substandard systems BASF hold a BBA Certificate (British Board of Agreement) for the whole of Europe. BBA approval is recognised by government departments, building control, architects, local authorities, and industry insurers – unlike so many of our competitors. The Spray Foam application is permanent and even the BBA Certificate independently states that it’s for the ‘lifetime of the building’. Unlike other systems, our Spray Foam is breathable, and adds new life to a roof. So not only do we have the best product in the market place, it is also approved and certified.

We issue our warranty for 10 Years and once the system is installed we Guarantee your second-hand roof against any slipping tiles or slates and further water ingress. Once the Komfyroof system is installed, if your roof suffers any slipped tiles or springs a leak during the Guarantee period, simply call us and we’ll fix the problem under your Guarantee.

  • But ask yourself this – all of this is all well and good, however, how good is a Guarantee if the worst was to happen to a company?

For Peace of mind for our customers, and after company acceptance, we are able provide all of our customers with an independent insurance backed warranty underwritten by Elite Insurance. In other words that’s a real Guarantee.

Deposit and Guarantee Insurance from IWA
Questions and Answers
Contact us and ask your question.
It's all too simple to list out some generic questions and answers but the chances that they will answer you particular concern is small. So, to this end we just ask you call and we'll be only too happy to help.
Let us help
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Rare is the occurrence that we feel compelled to send a letter of appreciation. Firstly thank you for our Insurance backed guarantee certificate. Komfyroof has truly met and exceeded our expectations in the saving of our roof. Your team were exceptionally professional and provided a level of customer service that was second to none.
We will openly encourage our friends and acquaintances to use your services should we feel that they would benefit from the system. You have transformed our loft area and we feel our roof will benefit from the system in years to come. Thank you very much and know that we are truly appreciative of your hard work.

Mr Peters BH13
This is just a little note to say how much I appreciate the work done to my house. On many occasions. I'm really glad I could make some referrals, especially since I received your appreciation check in the post today. As a matter of fact, I also gave your name to other relatives. Thanks Again. Mrs Kavanaugh BH17
Your staff did a superb job on my house. You could not have sent out a better team. I will certainly refer others to your company. They were very pleasant and kept everything on a professional level. Thanks Simon and the rest of the team. Keep up the good work. Mr Stevens SP7
P.S. I like the way you put your heart into your job. Thanks for listening and making changes, when necessary.
Beginning with our initial encounter with Martin at the Home Show last spring, everyone we have met with at your company has been wonderful to work with on the repair of our roof. We were very impressed by the Komfyroof system. Keith and his team did a fabulous job of applying it to our roof of my parent's home.
Everyone was most courteous and, we hope we will be able to make many recommendations to our friends both about your company and about how nice it is to work with you. Mr and Mrs Lovell BA5
P.S. It certainly wasn't necessary but we thank you for the cheque for our referral.
Your workers were very prompt to start, very courteous, and very professional. They made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. Mrs Ralph DA4
I'm writing in appreciation of the hard work and follow through that your company provided us with our recent sprayfoam installation. I have been buying and selling houses for 10 years and your company is my first choice for roof work.
Your employees have strong skills and are by far the most polite and respectful. I received excellent service on more than one occasion. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in need of a roofing solution. Mr Roberts TA4
Thank you your staff were pleasant, considerate, polite and always willing to answer questions. If I have any further need of the type of work that you do, I'll definitely call your company first! I was also impressed that Keith checked on how the job was going on a regular basis. I am sure that's part of the reason that it went so smoothly! Mr and Mrs Marsh BH12
Keith and Simon did an excellent job installing the Komfyroof system in my loft area. They were very professional and courteous. It has been a true pleasure of doing business with Komfyroof. With employees like them I can see why so many of your customers are more than satisfied with your work. Again, thanks for the outstanding workmanship. S. Wheeler BH12
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